This painting is part of the story about Ngilipitji a sacred area for the Wagilag and Ritharrngu tribes. The Warrpanuwa (Olive python) and the Wurrkadi (Furry caterpillar) and the Larr (Stone spear heads) are associated with this site and is part of the bigger Wagilag sisters dreaming story. The snakes and the caterpillars are keeping the area, where the Larr are found, safe. They snake and the caterpillar are like a body guard. Even though they are now stone they are still there guarding this sacred and dangerous place. The site is also has Guku (honey) associated with it.

Paintings about this story may show just the Larr and may include the Warrpanuwa, the Wurrkadi, the Guku, the crafters of the Larr and even the two sisters.

67×52cm | Acrylic on Bark | Cat. no: 18-886