Ganalbingu story at Ngaliyindi


This is a Ganalbingu story. Its representing our homeland there, at Ngaliyindi, at a place called Mululumurr its the homeland for Ganalbingu. Everything important for Ganalbingu is there. Thats the place where Warrnyu (Fruit bat) live in the trees and Ngamburrngamburr (Spider) lives there too , also Djanyarr (The Dog). These animals have a ceremony and dance from our song line. First we sing the Warrnyu, then comes the wind Lunggurrma, then we sing Litjilitji (Crimson finch) and after that the Ngamburrngamburr (Spider), they were all dancing there at Mululumurr. This place and this story is important for Ganalbingu.

Djanyarr heard the sound of a Flying Fox screaming. He then went into the cave and into the sacred hole and frightened all the Flying Fox away. He left his dilly bag in the tree and went out on the other side of the sacred cave where he left his spear and woomera. He sat there for a long time. The Dog made three streams and the water went inside the cave. Two of these streams are good drinking water, the middle stream is sacred water, no-one drinks from the middle of the stream. Children, men, women, young boys or girls are not allowed to drink from the middle of the stream. If they drink the water from the middle of the stream they will get grey too early. You can see these places still today. When you walk inside the rain forest you can see the Warrnyu and its droppings all over the place. You can also see the spider sitting in its web and you might see the footprints of the dog.

Cat. no: 19-604