Gurruwiling – Arafura Swamp


The river at Djilpin (Goyder river) is Dhuwa water and also the water that flows through Doyndji, Garli, Dhupuwamirri and Mirrngaytja, there is Yirritja water at Ngaliyindi. These waters all flow into Gurruwiling. The Ganalbingu clan are the main clan that look after this place. Paintings about Gurruwiling depict many of the species that are found in these wetlands. Many songlines converge in this area; Muthali (Duck), Madalaytj (Short necked turtle), Watu (Dog), Matjurr (Flying fox), etc.

Nyangura (Long necked turtle) travelled from this country through Gurruwiling making tracks all the way to Gamidi near Ramingining. Nyangura travelled through the swamp past the Galiwurr (Water lilies) and Yalma, Burpa, the fruits you can find in the swamp. Nyangura is buried there at Gamidi waiting for the wet season rain to soften the mud where he is buried so he can come out and feed again.

Gurruwiling, (Arafura Swamp) is a world heritage, low lying flood plain. in East Arnhem land.

70×50 cm | Acrylic on Canvas | Cat. no: 22-1135