Gapuwiyak is a small, Yolŋu town in East Arnhem Land. Gapuwiyak is in the middle of Miyarrka, a region around Arnhem Bay. There are eighteen clans in this region each with their own interconnected clan estates.

Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts was incorporated in 2007. We are owned by our Yolŋu members, have a Yolŋu Board, and employ a Manager and Arts Workers. We support over one hundred artists from Gapuwiyak and surrounding homelands.

When you purchase art, 60% goes to the artist and 40% goes to running the Culture and Arts Centre.

We assist artists to collect and prepare materials, make high-quality art, explore ideas, develop knowledge and skills, exhibit, market and sell their work.

We run tourism and cultural programs. Our Culture and Art Centre is a great place to meet, relax, enjoy a coffee and learn about Yolŋu culture and art.