Johnny Armstrong

Johnny Armstrong

My name is Johnny Warrkatja Malibirr. My Father is the late Ian Wuluwul Malibirr and my Mother is Lucy Wanapuyngu. I was born in Darwin on the 22nd of May 1970 as their eldest son. As a young boy I spent some time living in Dhupuwamirri. There I watched song man and Wanapuyngu elder Roy Ashleigh and Guyula elder Raymond Marpin to paint on bark. Together with my father, they taught me the stories, the designs and the songs. Since my father has passed away in 2010, I am the eldest of the family and carry their songs and knowledge for the Malibirr clan as well as for the Wanapuyngu clan. I travelled to Canberra in 2000 and performed at the official opening of “Aboriginal Modern Worlds” Exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia.