Mary Bidingal

Mary Banbalmiya Bidingal

My name is Mary Banbalmiya Bidingal. I was born in 1950 in Donydji outstation. My language is Ritharrngu and my clan group is Bidingal. My mother is Yalurr 1 and my father is Dhulutharrama. My older sister taught me to weave at Galiwin’ku, when we used to sit with Mrs Sheppy, Nancy Walinyinawuy, Warranyarr Gelarr and myself. We used to collect pandanus,strip them off and then we used to dry them in the sun. We used to weave in natural colour before, but now we using many different dyes to make basket My totems are the Emu (Wurrpan) and koel cuckoo (Guwak). We used to live at Galiwin’ku before.But we moved to Gapuwiyak. Now I am living at Donydji outstation because that is my homeland.