Ngamburrngamburr (Spider) and Warrny (fruit bat)

This is a Ganalbingu story. Ngamburrngamburr (Spider) and Warrnyu (Fruit bat). Its representing our homeland there at Ngaliyindi, at a place called Mululumurr its the homeland for my father and his father and so on. Everything important for Ganalbingu is there. Thats the place where Warrnyu live in the trees and Ngamburrngamburr lives there too. Both of these animals have a ceremony and dance from our song line. First we sing the Warrnyu, then comes the wind Lunggurrma, then we sing Litjilitji (Crimson finch) and after that the Ngamburrngamburr (Spider) , they were all dancing there at Mululumurr. This place and this story is important for Ganalbingu. There is another freshwater part of the songline and also a dog dreaming story that connects here. When you walk inside the rain forest you can see the Warrnyu and its droppings all over the place. You can also see the spider sitting in its web.

120×60cm | Cat. no: 17-706

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