Gapuwarriku at Lutumba


The sea estate at Lutumba is a power centre for the Djapu. The activities of Mäṉa the shark are re-enacted in ceremony. The sacredness of this site stems from its specific juncture with the spirit world. It is the traditional place of Djapu mortuary ceremonies, a place where the spirit comes and goes between ‘lives’. The deeper secrets of the laws and ceremonial practices are held by the elders and protected by the energy of the shark.

The sacred line Bundhamarr uncoils from the entrance to Mäṉa’s domain. It is taken by powerful shark carrying Yothu (children) into the sacred sandbar area of Lutumba. The shark connects other Dhuwa sea estates as it transports the sacred line on its ancestral journey right across to Groote Eylandt.

58×36 cm | Acrylic on Wood | Cat. no: 22-196