Mat, Twined


This type of mat or wall hanging is made from Gunga (Pandanus Spiralis), using a twining process. The twinning technique may be thought of as the twisting together of elements. Artists take two twisting lengths of pandanus and work them across a series of vertical or radiating lengths. The twisting lengths are the ‘active’ elements of the structure and the radiating lengths are ‘passive’. The twining technique is traditional and a number of forms were made for ceremonial and utilitarian purposes. A conical mat was made for initiation ceremonies, and flattened, used for various purposes. Variation in the twining occurs through changing the density, the order, or the colour. The Gunga is coloured with natural bush dyes. Flat mats are traditionally used for sitting on, shelter or preparing food.

77 cm | Gunga (Pandanus Spiralis) and natural dyes | Cat. no: 24-761