Jason Butjala Ragilapuy

Jason Butjala Ragilapuy. I was born in 1978 in Royal Darwin Hospital. My language is Ritharrngu and my clan group is Bidingal. My parents are Dorothy Garraltjawuy and Ben Garr. I am Gudjuk, my moiety is Yirritja. (The world view of all Australian Aborigines is divided into two halves called moieties. The Yolngu people call the two moieties of their worldview Dhuwa and Yirritja.) I came to Gapuwiyak when I was only a small boy. I went to school here. When I left school I went to look for a job. When I first started work at the ALPA store I was happy. At the same time, after work I learned how to paint my own design, my totems and my dreaming. I do carvings like birds, yolngu and other things. I like painting on barks and canvas too.