Mungurru, Salt water at Blue Mud Bay

Mungurru is one of the many names for the Yirritja monuk gapu (salt water) in Blue Mud Bay. The water patterns and songs are about the links between places and clans at Djarrakpi, Baniyala and  Garrapara. In ceremonies you can see the water when the dancers hold spears together in a line in front of them as the dance towards the funeral shelter approaching the deceased to remind the spirit of the salt water and to come and claim the body. The water holds many stories. Paintings include the water itself, Gurritjpi (Cowtailed stingray), Djunungdiyangu (Dugong), Yambirrka (Blue tusk fish), the rock called Lolumu. Often referred to as ‘Sea Rights’ water, the water and its stories were used in a Land Rights ruling that gave Yolngu ownership over the waters between high tide and low tide.

55 × 34 cm | Acrylic on Bark | Cat. no: 23-1387

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